Franco Azzopardi

3a Malta Chairman (Non-Executive)

Franco Azzopardi col webCurrently acting as a non-executive director, Franco has been involved with 3a Malta since its inception through his contribution to the business model setup and marketing strategy of the firm. He is a Certified Public Accountant with a postgraduate degree in finance from the University of Leicester and has extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. Franco is renowned for his modern outlook in the business administration of professional service firms. He spent 27 years in a mid-tier accounting firm which he co-founded, where his responsibilities lied with handling corporate strategy, risk management, quality control and knowledge/people development.

The decision to exit the latter firm in 2007 was taken with the aim of further contributing to the strategic direction of other companies. Franco is now a professional director and a registered member of the UK Institute of Directors specialising in corporate strategy, governance and finance. His directorship portfolio includes positions on boards and audit committees of a number of Maltese and international companies from the banking, software, private equity, professional services and media sectors. Franco’s ongoing commitment to the development of the Malta Institute of Accountants is testament to his corporate and social responsibility.