Who forms companies in Malta?

Clients forming companies in Malta come from all over the world but can be categorised in three different categories namely:

1. Clients coming from EU countries who still want to have their companies in an EU jurisdiction allowing such a company to access all EU countries through the application of the free internal market, having the advantage of using the single currency (Euro) whilst benefitting of the advantages mentioned here.

2. Clients coming from non EU countries, such as Middle East, emerging economies (e.g. India & China) and USA, who require a company based in an EU jurisdiction, that has one of the most appealing benefits but which still enables them to access the whole EU market.

3. Clients coming from a host of countries, both EU and non EU, who want to avail of Malta’s extensive double tax treaties, ranging with countries such as Libya, USA, most European countries, UAE, Qatar, Canada, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa and so forth.