Main steps involved in company formation in Malta

The first step in establishing a company is to provide the necessary due diligence documentation which would need to be submitted together with the incorporation documents.

The second step entails opening of a bank account in which the share capital is deposited and a Memorandum and Articles of Association is then prepared as per the requirements of the Companies Act ’95. One can opt not to open a bank account however there should be proof of the initial share capital that the company is going to start with.

A registration fee is payable according to the authorised share capital a company opts to have. A private limited liability company can either have one shareholder (single member) or it can have a number of shareholders (not exceeding fifty).

3a has the experience in assisting clients set-up their companies, both in Malta and abroad, according to the most appropriate tax efficient structure applicable to each client. 3a facilitates the process of company incorporation by providing a simple registration module to be filled in as well as assisting in attaining the due diligence documentation required.