What are the requirements to incorporate a company in Malta?

The decision to form a limited liability company should be taken if there is enough scope in doing so, that is,the benefits of operating a company outweighs its costs.

The incorporation of a company can normally be carried out within 48 hours as long as one is an EU citizen (or company). Non-EU companies and citizens may still open a company in Malta but there exists some restrictions and the process may take a little longer

One requires to provide a copy of the passport (or registration certificate in case of a foreign company) as well as a reference letter from a bank. A bank account will be opened in which the share capital is deposited (a minimum of €€240 for a private company) and a Memorandum and Articles of Association is prepared as per the requirements of the Companies Act ’95.

A registration fee is payable accor
ding to the authorised share capital a company opts to have (a minimum of €€245). A private company can be either with one shareholder (single member) or with a number of shareholders.

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