3a latest CSR activity-RTK4 Charity

3a has recently embarked on an innovative CSR long term activity whereby it has combined with two other organisations, namely RTK and Seasus to launch RTK4Charity initiative.

Corporate social responsibility is starting to have less to do with giving money away and more with a company's behaviour in its totality, by taking account of all its stakeholders. At 3a we have taken this approach to CSR by applying our skills, competencies and unique position to provide our services at no charge to organisations like RTK, in order to ensure that their activities reach the intended objectives in a transparent, ethical and fair manner.

In this respect this initiative provides us with an ideal platform of teaming up with two other specialist organisations, RTK as a communications portal with strong affiliations to a number of philanthropic institutions and causes and Seasus as the IT technology partner.

Together we shall be providing the operating infrastructure to deliver a holistic platform through which good causes can be undertaken utilising the increasing popular social networking medium but at the same time ensuring transparency, trust and accountability through 3a involvement and oversight.

The first initiative to be undertaken under the RTK4Charity campaign will see Franco Azzopardi, Chairman of 3a, raising funds for a worthy cause through his passion for cycling. 

Mr. Franco Azzopardi is an endurance cyclist who has set his sights on two challenges that no other Maltese has so far attempted. The first shall be London to Paris (500km) in 24 hours non-stop on 23rd June and, a week later, on the 2nd July, the Swiss Radmarathon, a 720 km race against the clock, with a time limit of 28 hours non-stop. The latter event also involves 5,000 metres of vertical elevation difference (climb).

Through these two challenges Franco is hoping to raise funds which will be channelled towards financing a project to the benefit of Dar Sagra Familja in Zabbar. There are children in our society who are somewhat forgotten, perhaps taken for granted, worse, perhaps also branded negatively. These children are separated from their families by court order and put into homes, such as the one at Dar Sagra Familja.

The nuns of St Joseph in Zabbar have been taking care of such children in Malta since 1854. There is a potentially growing gap between the upbringing these children receive and that of those brought up with their families.

This initiative (branded Ultra-Rider) entails engaging a team of specialists in the field of child psychology with the scope of mentoring and coaching these children towards a possibly seamless integration into society when they grow older. It would be wonderful for these children to feel normal and confident enough to take up the challenges of life. It is hoped that society will embrace these children, who may one day be our own neighbours and, possibly, our colleagues at work. 

In line with this project, a Facebook application has been launched that links project owners (like Ultra-Rider), with a Charity, and more importantly with society through Facebook social networking capabilities. The application, which is an easy to use donations gateway, can be accessed by searching for RTK4Charity in Facebook or through  

You are being urged to do one of the following:

  • encourage their friends and staff to search RTK4Charity in Facebook or through and donate... anything will help;
  • use this application to convert their own projects/activities into for-charity events;
  • visit Ultra-rider and hit the Facebook 'like' as this will help raise corporate donations and sponsorships.

Written by Neville — Sat, 25 June 2011