Team Building Event at 3a

Calculators were pushed to the side and number crunching was given a break as the partners and staff at 3a participated in a day long Team Building Event.

The Team Building Event aimed to strengthen and fortify the personal relationships and increase the understanding of the importance of team spirit between the members of the 3a Team, in a fun and relaxed manner completely detached from the usual work routine.

Throughout the day, partners and staff were split in teams and participated by trekking in jeeps all over Malta and taking part in various fun activities with a twist. Each activity required all the teams to carry out predefined tasks involving the team members to work together and trust each other blindly. Activities were held in various bays around Malta, as well at Popeye’s Village.

The event was in line with 3a’s core values which encourage continuous knowledge development and sharing amongst its staff members, and the promotion of a feel good ambience and work life balance. With this in mind, the firm regularly hosts a number of staff activities and similar events.

Written by Neville Cutajar — Thu, 06 November 2008