3a Malta 2015 Team Building event

3a staff during team building event 

3a Malta considers its employees as their most important asset and is committed to development and knowledge sharing, continued education, participation and feedback as well as a positively balanced environment and lifestyle that extend beyond the workplace. 3a Malta focus on creating strong relationships between our staff members which will reflect in better teamwork. To this effect 3a recently organised a day long Team Building Event.

 This year Team Building Event aimed to strengthen and fortify the personal relationships and increase the understanding and the team spirit between the members of the 3a Malta Team, in a fun and relaxed manner completely detached from the usual work routine.

 This year’s team building event was organised in our sister island, Gozo.  The organising team combined technology and creativity in order to make the challenges more demanding for our participating teams.  Each team had their own jeep and were faced timed questions and photo/ video challenges to be undertaken all around the island, from which they scored their points.  Questions were related to the company itself and other general knowledge areas

The event was welcomed very gladly by all staff members, especially new members of 3a Malta staff.  A testimony of this is the feedback given by 3a’s newest staff member, Maria, stating:   “Being that this was my first Team Building event it was super! I got to know people better - and in events like this characters really show… never did I think I would be working in such a great environment with such great, caring, understanding, and fun to be with colleagues”.