Term Service Awards

At 3a, term service is recognized and awarded. Our firm shows appreciation to its employees’ loyalty and hard work.

So far, we had 3 employees who have been employed with 3a for five years. Alexia Psaila, Charmaine Vassallo Fenech and Alison Calvert were awarded for their service during the last two events held by 3a.

Alexia holds the role of Audit Manager today, within 3a. Her role progressed since 2009 and today she manages the audit team. Charmaine is Senior Tax Manager and she is responsible of the Tax department within the firm. She is also part of the events committee who organizes events for staff, together with the Managing Director. Alison’s primary role is that of Corporate & Business Support Manager. She is part of a team responsible for the fiduciary and compliance aspects of the firm and also the Quality Manager responsible for 3a’s Quality Management System.

Each individual greatly contributes to the success and growth of the firm thanks to their knowledge and skills thus being a valuable asset to the company. 3a’s Partners look forward to award more employees in the future.