Award for dissertation

Francesca Camilleri, an associate with 3a, who has graduated from University in 2015, was recently presented with an award for her dissertation Value for Money of the Tendering Procedure Across Ministries.

This dissertation focused on how the public tendering procedure in Malta is carried out and the process was analysed to assess whether it is achieving value for money to the government. The objective of this study was to shed more light on the tendering process and how public officials make the best use of the available resources. The ultimate benefit when improving the areas highlighted would result in getting more value from the public funds which are allocated.

Through 25 semi-structured interviews which were conducted, it resulted that both Ministries and Department of Contracts implement policies and procedures for the tendering procedure with the ultimate aim of obtaining value for money when undertaking procurement Desire for some flexibility was shown by the procurement officers especially for urgent projects which require immediate action.

This study concluded that the government needs to increase personnel and formulate formal strategies in order to strengthen its procurement set-up, thus helping to attain better value for money. The new EU directives were seen as beneficial by the procurement officers as these changes should lead to more efficiency and flexibility in the process. These are also expected to impact positively on the local public procurement functions.