3a Malta 2016 Team Building event

On Wednesday 20 July 2016, the 3a Malta team spent a day out of the office on a packed team-building adventure. On a hot summer's day, team spirit prevailed in a morning at the Whiterocks in Pembroke where our employees confronted each other in a Lasermaxx battle. Three hours of fun, adrenaline, strategy and physical activity which were followed by a pleasant lunch to wind down and regain our strength. The afternoon was a different kind of challenge as our four teams participated in a mind-boggling contest to escape from a room within 60 minutes at Can you Escape? Every team member contributed in their own way to solve puzzles leading from one hint to the next, resulting in team effort to be the fastest to escape. In parallel, a number of team-building activities were organised by the great team of hosts such as Guess who?, Blind fold and Giant Jenga. It was a great day with a difference, where the team got to know each other better, especially in view that many members are relatively new as the team continues to grow.