3a Malta 2017 Team Building event

On Wednesday 17 May 2017, 3a Malta held its annual team building event in the whereabouts of Buskett and Dingli. In the morning, our team had to get out of the daily comfort and pretend being stranded on an island. Three teams had to make their way through a number of challenges such as lighting a fire, building a shelter, filtering potable water and hunting for food. All this with a limited set of tools including a map, compass, string, a knife, and anything found along their journey towards survival. The key to the morning activity was teamwork, strategy and planning, with each member contributing in a different way to reach one common goal. Following a long five kilometer journey, lunch and refreshing drinks awaited at Chateau Buskett.


After regaining energy, in the afternoon, the team travelled virtually around the world, answering questions and taking up challenges themed according to the different countries being visited. Equipped with a luggage full of props and lots of imagination, it was an afternoon of laughter and improvisation.


Once again, such an event proved to be highly beneficial in enhancing team spirit and putting the team in a totally different setting, which nonetheless required everyone’s contribution towards one common goal. 3a continues with its commitment towards its human resources and valuable teamwork.