Launched in 2008, 3a Malta started as a small team of multidisciplinary professionals offering Accountancy, Assurance and Advisory services. The company name, "3a", recalls our corporate tagline and business mission: Your Aspirations, Your Achievements – Our Aim (hence, the three A's in the company name and brand insignia).

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At 3a, we primarily offer advisory services that help support and empower our varied clients in achieving their business potentials. Once the desired clients' outcomes are attained, we work to ensure that these results comply with regulatory frameworks.

What distinguishes us from other professional accountancy and advisory firms of our kind? Our hands-on approach, entrepreneurial spirit, thorough understanding of grassroots business essentials and our attention to detail bring us on the fore.

In today’s ever changing business reality, 3a is an innovative professional reference to be reckoned with.

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