Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes

The Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes initiative will assist enterprises across the board to

maximise their investment and growth potential, to create further employment opportunities and

render them more competitive.

A total budget of €51 million is allocated from the European Regional Development Fund 2014 -2020

- of which €40.8 million are being made available from European Union funds and €10.2 million from

national funds. This is an initiative that seeks to support enterprises through a number of aid

schemes in the form of non-repayable grants. 

The first two schemes being launched are the SMS Growth Grant Scheme and the Start-up

Investment Grant Scheme. It is expected that around 90 enterprises will benefit from these two


Applications submission for both schemes will be received as from Wednesday 13 th July 2016 up to

noon of Friday 30 th September 2016.

SME Growth Grant Scheme - €8m

This scheme seeks to assists SMEs to implement established growth strategies. The investment

(tangible and intangible assets) should related to the increase in the capacity of an existing

establishment, or the setting up of a new establishment. Investment should result in the growth of

the Undertaking, and an increase in the number of employees (full-time equivalent) employed by

the Undertaking


Size of UndertakingAid intensity (capped at €500,000)
Up to 31st December 2017As of 1st January 2018
Micro & Small35%30%


Eligible costs

 Lease of private operational premises

 Construction/up-grades on private operational premises

 Purchasing of new equipment, machinery and plant

 Patents and licenses 

Start-up Investment Grant Scheme - €7m

This scheme assists start-ups established for less than 3 years. The aid is to part-finance initial

productive investment cost to implement their business growth strategies in order to facilitate their

future. The investment cost consists of required tangible & intangible assets in line with an approved

business plan.

Aid is granted for 50% of eligible expenditure up to a maximum of €300,000.

Eligible start-ups Undertakings

 Production, manufacture, improvement, assembly, preservation, processing of goods,

materials, commodities, equipment, plant machinery

 Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & life sciences

 Research & technology innovation

 Repair, overhaul or maintenance of pleasure crafts, yachts having less than 100gt, aircraft,

engines or equipment incorporated or used in such vessels or aircraft

 Information and communication technology development activities, software development.

 Eco innovations & environmental solutions

 Creation of tourism products & services related through a synergy between traditional

tourism service providers & the crafts/artesian sectors.

 Development of tourism products & services related to: emerging niche markets, promotion

of natural & cultural heritage; social tourism (senior tourists, accessible tourism & active


 Start-ups of Boutique Hotels & Palazzini.

 E-health solutions

 Services & products related to: promoting healthy living; active ageing; child day care

 Development & creation of crafts & artesian products.

 Retail activities by self-employed & family businesses engaged in craft.

 Start-ups proposing products & services that can be marketed and distributed


Eligible costs

 Lease of private operational premises.

 Construction or upgrades of private operational premises

 Purchase of new equipment, machinery & plant

 Patents & licenses

3a advisory services

3a is an established advisory & assurance firm consisting of a number of specialized & experienced

professionals. Over the years it has carried out various successful advisory such as designing &

implementation of business plans for new set-up businesses, business growth strategies, EU funding

assistance, assistance for schemes launched by Central Government Entities, projects evaluation and

critical analysis. Moreover on various occasions 3a was also engaged as independent auditors to

access the implementation of the EU grants criteria by the beneficiary applicants.

We recognize that for SMEs and new start-ups the application process might be too timely onerous

and will require very specialized skills. Our team can help you in the whole application stage in order

to achieve the desired new or growth opportunities through the funding of the ERDF grant schemes.

Interested applicants are encouraged to approach our advisory team for additional details about the

available schemes.