BOV JAIME Financing Package

This package targets any form of SME businesses to obtain financing up to €200,000. Finance can only be obtained for capital investment. Finance for purchase of stock is only considered for new ventures.

The total package budget is €50 million and scheme closes December 2018 or earlier if the total budget is allocated.

All SMEs operating in any sector (excluding agriculture & fisheries, gaming, pure real estate) can obtain this finance.

Highlights of JAMIE

  •  Low interest rates of 3.50% compared to normal business loans of 5.65%. Over a period of 10 years SMEs can save up to €10,080 in interest cost.
  • Borrower shall contribute to 20% of the investment cost.
  • Maximum loan term: 10 years. Working capital finance normally repayment term is 2 years.
  • The repayments should be paid on a monthly basis, however a moratorium of up to 6 months may be considered.
  • The normal processing fee of 0.3% is waived off and only 0.1% renewal fee applies.
  • JAIME cannot be used in conjunction with other support measures such as grants. Moreover JAIME finance is not granted for refinancing of existing loans.
  • Required collateral is only 25% compared to the 100% under the conditions of the normal business facilities.

More information can be obtained from any of the Bank of Valletta branches.

3a can assist you during all the application process, including the preparation of the documentation required by the bank.