Once a detailed analysis and a needs assessment are carried out on behalf of the client’s business, 3a’s accounting directorate will establish and propose a system to simplify and minimise the amount of bookkeeping work required. This is offered through the provision of easy-to-understand financial reports, sales and payroll tax reports, statistics building and ongoing business solutions for daily transactions. The 3a accounting team will also represent the client in any type of audit.

3a Malta - Bookkeeping & Accounting

3a Malta's personalised approach includes carrying out a number of services on our client’s behalf. Among such roles are the processing and recording of sales and purchases of invoices as well as the issuing of bank transactions and reconciliations. Additionally we prepare annual or periodical accounts, and statutory financial statements that meet the required International Financial Reporting Standards.

Our financial control service includes regular visits to check up on postings and accounting data for accuracy and status, in addition to assisting clients in credit control and in the successful operation of their accounts department.

At 3a Malta, we believe that timely and precise accounting data is key to the successful monitoring of one’s business performance. In view of this, part of our bookkeeping and accounting service entails extracting management reporting as well as performance indicators to benefit our clients through efficient business monitoring.

3a Malta's Management Accounting Services

3a’s Management Accounting Department researches and provides a timely source of data to enable a veritable assessment of a company’s past performance when it is required to make informed decisions and adopt the right management. This service aims to ‘fill the gap’ in between yearly regulatory financial statement reporting through providing additional report work required for immediate application, thus contributing to a company’s economic and overall success.

The purpose of management accounting reports is to serve, along with financial ratios and intra-company comparisons, as a periodically updated source of information readily available for consultation. This optimises decision-making, thereby allowing for a more accurate control. Such regular insights into the company’s operations also enable the management to take the necessary corrective measures; for instance, an indication of cost increases may enable a company to immediately address the issue by reducing costs. Management accounting carries both short and long term benefits.

Through the provision of key accounting ratios, business issues including company solvency and liquidity, profitability, asset returns, and the fulfilment of key goals may be assessed. Additionally, our periodic reports will feature intra-company comparisons to highlight the company’s trends and ratios over time as well as determine any need for corrective action. Our professionals are ready to assist the management in this regard and will also contribute to the formulation of company policies if and when required.

3a Malta' s Payroll/Social Security Contributions Services

By operating a full range of payroll, social security contribution and compliance services for individual and self-employed clients, at 3a Malta we seek to ensure timely compliance with prevailing legal requirements. These services include the calculation of weekly national contribution rates owed and the issuing of reminders to ensure that no penalties are incurred for overlooked deadlines.

Clients benefit from our assistance with regard to P.E. number and employment licenses applications, as well as the completion of Employment and Training Corporation forms, which we take care to deliver to relative departments on their behalf. As an added value, we also operate a delivery service to the tax department for monthly tax document payments and accommodate the online electronic submission of annual FSS return forms.

3a Malta's computerised service allows the client to issue weekly, fortnightly or monthly payslips. We also see to the provision of payroll reports and the completion of tax documents as part of our service offering.