3a’s advisory directorate is composed of a resourceful and well-coordinated mixture of partner professionals and our own creative in-house advisors. Together we will explore the different possibilities for your business on matters of tax planning as well as in the design and implementation of growth strategies. We also carry out project appraisals, assist you in raising finance, and foster objectivity in board room performance assessment of your business. 3a Malta will provide advice on how to lighten administrative and back office workloads, while providing you with unlimited phone and email assistance. We will act as your support structure, knowledge centre and business mentor in all aspects that fall within our areas of specialisation.

3a Malta's Business Advisory Services

  • Build value & maximise returns on your investment decisions

Investment decisions should always be made on the basis of their being able to provide added value to the shareholders. Maximising financial gains, reputation and brand value are key strategies to ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from their involvement with your company: these include employees, customers, suppliers and government.

Moreover, the decision to invest in yourself also requires you to further your experience and expertise through knowledge sharing, as well as to ensure sustainable financial returns that compensate for opportunity costs.

  • Business plans and projections

As part of its customised service the 3a Malta firm considers the requirements of individual clients and their enterprises when assisting in the drafting of business plans, feasibility studies and financial projections, all of which can be subsequently prepared for presentation to lenders and investors. Existing businesses will also benefit from financial and cash flow projections which allow clients better monitoring and cash flow management.

3A Malta Corporate Services

  • Malta company formation and incorporation

At 3a Malta we offer a holistic service to assist business people in company start-ups. We help you determine the right setup and tax efficient corporate structure according to your business requirements. See Company Formation.

  • Company redomiciliation to Malta

Redomiciliation entails the transfer and continued operation of a company, incorporated and registered in a country, in another location. This occurrence does not require closing the existing company and incorporating a new one in the country one has redomiciled their business to.

Company redomiciliation can be carried out in Malta under certain terms and conditions. Our island offers several competitive advantages, the main one being a flexible and accommodating legislative framework that offers a number of fiscal benefits, as well as other incentives such as double taxation treaties with over 60 countries. In order to redomicile one’s company in Malta, company migration must first and foremost be approved by the foreign country’s jurisdiction, and proven with a written declaration to the local authorities.

  • Company secretarial
    • Annual returns
    • Changes to the company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association
    • Company formations & incorporations
    • Company redomiciliation
    • MFSA searches
    • Filing of abridged accounts
  • Liquidations/Recovery/Restructuring
    • Voluntary liquidations
    • Corporate restructuring/turnarounds
  • Mergers/Divisions/Conversions
    • Mergers
    • Divisions
    • Conversions to Companies
    • Conversions to Partnerships

 3a Malta's Management Advisory Services

  • Succession planning

Fully aware of the time and thought required in addressing the sensitive issue of business succession, the 3a firm provides a consultancy service that is specifically aimed at business owners, who are often wholly occupied by the daily running of their business operation. Together we will help you construct a successful exit plan in advance of your retirement. Succession planning aims to create an effective strategy while anticipating familial issues and other problems that may arise, in order to maximise your return on investment, reduce business losses and interruptions, and grant peace-of-mind.

3a Malta's Fiduciary Services 

  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Directors/Company Secretarial/Representative Duties
  • Provision of Mail Forwarding
  • Mandate shareholders services

3a Malta's IT Services

  • Training and assistance in managing and maintaining your accounting software
  • Assistance in setting up the appropriate IT systems for your business
  • Exemption from VAT requirements

3a Malta's EU Funding Assistance

3a provides personalised assistance and support to government entitities, private organisations and NGOs in the practical aspects related to EU Funding Opportunities. This is implemented through:

  • One-to-one meetings with potential beneficiaries to discuss project proposals and identify EU funding possibilities
  • Practical advice related to project planning and design whilst ensuring eligibility of projects in relation to the EU Funding Programmes being considered for financing
  • Provision of specific technical assistance to help beneficiaries in drawing up funding applications