An individualised approach

The 3a Malta team’s core competencies are Accounting, Assurance and Advisory. 3a has a unique personal approach whereby individual clients are followed up by the same company representative. This ensures a one-to-one working relationship that is consolidated through regular individual contact.

With the aim of providing our various clients with the right customised answers and solutions, our team receives continuous training, enabling them to address each client scenario from an innovative perspective. This strategy delivers results, so much so that 3a Malta boasts an outstanding client retention track record.

3a Malta's transparent & cost-effective solutions equate to long lasting business

Our approach of fixed price agreements prioritises clarity of transaction in order to avoid uncertainties and to maintain transparency in our relationship with the client. At 3a Malta, we believe that knowledge transfer cannot be fairly equated to the time it takes to give advice. Time billing methods, and the resulting open-endedness of assignment costs, are not indicative of the sum payable by the client at the end of the process. With this aim, when a client’s request is submitted, we first assess and understand the situation free-of-charge.

Subsequently, we prepare a proposal based on the client’s requirements - which defines the expected business outcomes of the particular task assigned. Next, a meeting with the clients is held in order to present and discuss business outcomes, and set a fee per project or objective. What follows is a straightforward procedure: if the price intersects the perceived benefits, an agreement is reached and the client is assured of a fixed project-based rate. This is reviewed on a yearly basis, taking into account the client’s progress and development as well as their prospective business success. Any amendments to the deliverables agreed upon can of course be requested through a ‘change order’. 

3a Malta's unique & innovative service offering

At 3a Malta, we practise a different service approach to most traditional firms in our field. This is what attracts prospective clients to us in the first place, and what secures a long and lasting working relationship. Together with our innovative outlook, this fresh format is also attracting a younger clientele that values innovation and difference in all aspects of what we do, from our investment in latest technologies for our service operations to our policy of transparency and clarity of pricing, which is certainly appreciated by our clientele. International clients are also drawn to this transparent style of management and to our competitive rates in providing a full, dedicated professional service.

We see that today’s younger entrepreneurs seek a service that is both personal and ongoing. We frequently meet with our clients to discuss, share ideas and engage in creative thinking. This way, a personal bond between the advisor and the client is maintained and nurtured.

With HR consultancy on board, 3a accountants also offer a full range of advisory services, if and whenever required; these include research, as well as HR recruitment and training.

High-grade online infrastructure for improved system efficiency

At 3a Malta, we are knowledgeable in IT and thus endorse new technologies. Heavy investment has been made in our high calibre, online IT infrastructure to enable efficiency across all our departments as we seek to maintain our innovative value added service. Nationally, 3a Malta was among the first to move away from a manual system, ensuring a fully efficient and seamless access, and distribution of information as well as providing value for money with our knowledge-sharing platform for our clients. Our intranet system also grants access to preferred (willing) clients, enabling them to monitor and to have web access to their records and files at all times.

3a Malta' alliances for complete quality service

We seek to accommodate each of our clients’ particular requirements to provide them with a complete, exclusive and specialist service. When required, 3a Malta seeks to integrate its own capabilities with those of other professional service providers to achieve a fully-fledged product or service. We perceive each of these professional alliances as an investment which creates advantages and opens up possibilities and business opportunities for our clientele as well as for our own firm. Our alliances also extend beyond Malta with the aim of making our knowledge and expertise available to clients based in other countries as well as enabling our clients to expand their business internationally.