Are you still studying? Thinking about it?

"Working with 3a over the past 2 years has given me the opportunity to grow professionally within a very dynamic and evolving company. Having been able to attend numerous work related courses and utilising their latest systems, 3a’s Directors and Management work closely with staff, offering the best support possible. With 3a, my work is appreciated, and this makes me feel proud of being part of such a fast growing company."
Kirstin Camilleri Avellino

Working with 3a helps you meet an array of people from diverse cultures, and rewards you with challenging projects. All of this would secure an accumulation of knowledge and insight that stays with you all your life.

Working with 3a is both a challenging and a very rewarding experience; we make it a point to create a social dimension to all our team through frequent team building exercises, social activities and initiatives. This helps you integrate with all our team, irrespective of rank or title, you will feel part of our organisation.

What are the career options at 3a Malta?

3a Global offers you the opportunity to pursue an exciting & rewarding career in assurance, tax, transactions or advisory services.

Find out about the opportunities for students at 3a

Students undergoing studies in accountancy at university, ACCA or an equivalent recognised level, may avail themselves of apprenticeship programmes at 3a. Such positions can be both on a full time of flexi/part time basis, enabling one to acquaint him/herself with the industry, receive professional mentoring and periodic appraisals.